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Providing innovative, confidential, and un-conflicted strategic growth and investment advice.

Seven Train Ventures


We focus on ecosystem areas that can leverage our group’s expertise. As investors and advisors we take a hands-on approach to our companies, guiding and advising them towards success. 


Blockchain and artificial intelligence as the driving force of finance


Real estate innovation through AI and Cloud-based services

Deep Data, Analytics & Infrastructure

Applying deep data analytics to make AI & ML more accessible and efficient.

Travel & Hospitality

New perspectives on how travel and leisure is being reshaped through technology


Disruptive solutions to legacy retail methods, from back office to GTM strategies 

Medtech & Biotech

Harnessing the power of tech-startups that solve for tomorrow’s healthcare ecosystems

ESG & Sustainability

Principled investment and growth through our partnerships


Environmentally-friendly technologies for a better tomorrow


Big data solutions that relieve pain points of the insurance landscape



Disciplined Approach

A convergence of Founders, Investors, and Executives, 7TV helps to drive our portfolio of highly-curated, ambitious, and innovative companies. 

We execute thematic investing, growth advisory, and strategic financing for tech-driven Seed to Series B startups as well as private and publicly traded companies. 7TV also works with SPACs, supporting them in due diligence given the extensive network and market intelligence of its team.

7TV Management works with startups for aggressive-growth potential in international markets. 7TV Management operates as interim CxO (CSuite-as-a-Service) for Founders to accelerate execution, growth and the critical investment cycle to buoy valuations while minimizing Founder equity dilution.


Incubation, Creation, Growth

We work with dedicated individuals and organizations to create new ventures. Our hands-on approach leverages our network’s knowledge, expereince in venture design, and go to market prowess to quickly build compaies that scale. 3+7 Lab Porfolio 

NYC Subway Venture Fund


Sourcing. Global network to efficiently source from where top-tier later-stage funds do not have exposure.

Access to Capital. The burden of fundraising is lifted of the founders, allowing them to focus on growth.

Founder Capabilities. Develop in founders the skillsets needed to transition from startup to enterprise.

Planned Exits. Reverse engineer corporate mandates for higher likelihood of profitable exits.

Financial Metrics. Disciplined product development & sustainable growth paths to skip unnecessary funding rounds.

ESG. Early-on implementation of ESG & sustainability principles as part of the corporate DNA.

Liquidity Events. Roadmap towards liquidity events that maximizes shareholder value. 

Diversity. Focus on companies with at least one founder representing women, LGBTQ, and/or minority groups, which are under-indexed.

Ecosystem ApproachWork closely with founders & investors to evaluate new investments in their respective domains.

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